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The season features detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder handling the fallout of their actions from the previous season while investigating the murder of a family whose only survivor is a member of an all-boys military academy.


The Killing – which was canceled by AMC, but got a second lease on life last when Netflix ordered a six-episode final season – is looking to cast the role of its lead detective’s mother, a woman described as being in her mid-50s or 60s, with a “startling” physical resemblance to her daughter (played by Mirielle Enos).


Image Title Season # Writer(s) Director Original airdate
15244d9a780944093 Blood in the Water 1 Veena Sud Nicole Kassell 1 August 2014
Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder deal with the aftermath of her killing James Skinner, the serial killer who was also their boss and her lover.
15244d9a780944093 Unraveling 2 Dan Nowak Lodge Kerrigan 1 August 2014
Linden becomes further unnerved when she learns that Kyle was shot in the same position as was Skinner when she shot Skinner.
15244d9a780944093 The Good Soldier 3 Nicole Yorkin & Dawn Prestwich Ed Bianchi 1 August 2014
Linden's slipping sanity forces her to suggest to Holder that they turn themselves in.
15244d9a780944093 Dream Baby Dream 4 Sean Whitesell Gregory Middleton 1 August 2014
The detectives question Knopf, who admits to having a gun at his parents' house.
15244d9a780944093 Truth Asunder 5 Dan Nowak Coky Giedroyc 1 August 2014
As Skinner's body is being looked over, Linden, believing Reddick only has circumstantial evidence, coaches Holder to stay strong and on the same page as she.
15244d9a780944093 Eden 6 Veena Sud Jonathan Demme 1 August 2014
Holder tells Caroline that he must make a choice – "between you and her."
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